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It is no question Andrus is beautiful, but anyone who has spent even just a little bit of time with her will testify that who she is as a person is just as attractive. And maybe that's cliche to say, but it really is so true. I first met Andrus as one of the maids of honor for one of my previous brides, Brooke, who was also in Andrus' wedding party. Andrus helped round up and take care of Brooke's dogs during her engagement session, assisted her during her bridal portraits, and was overall just a bomb bridesmaid throughout Brooke's wedding. So when Andrus got in touch with me several months back about photographing her and Alex's wedding this August, it was pretty much an instant YES.

Andrus' bridals were the first time I got to photograph her as the main attraction, and OH MY GOSH what a BABE! This hazel eyed, red lipped beauty was simply radiant and basically model status from the beginning. I may or may not have delivered twice the amount of images I normally deliver.... No regrets.

Tuscany Hill provided a wonderful backdrop for the Italian bride, and later on for her and Alex's Italian/Mexican fusion of a wedding day. 10/10, y'all.

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