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I'm a wife and a mom- to both the human and dog kind- who will take her coffee black, her wine red, and truly, any shade of chocolate will do. Jesus Christ is my savior. He shapes all that I am and all that I do, and it's because of Him that I truly desire to learn what matters to you, earn your trust, and bring you tons of happiness through this gift of documenting life's best moments and seasons.



the experience

Light is a powerful and glorious tool. It plays a major role in determining the overall feel of a photo, and it's one I use strategically in every session and wedding I photograph. By utilizing natural light to our advantage in each setting I find myself in, my goal is to lay a beautiful foundation where the significant, joyful, tender, and hilarious moments can all unfold effortlessly and naturally.

I'm inspired by playful affection, all kinds of movement, fashion editorials and all the delicate details that make life beautiful. I approach directing clients with a light hand, nothing too posed or forced, encouraging silliness and intimacy alike. Your hopes, ideas, and preferences coupled with my 8 years of knowledge provide you with collaborative  experience and images that are a timeless reflection of your authentic selves.

Patricia M.

"She has the amazing ability to capture the emotion and the spirit of a moment. She makes everyone comfortable so nothing looks stiff and she sees the beauty in the details. She takes her time, gets the right angle and does it all with kindness and joy. Working with Tricia was an absolute pleasure, from planning to the day of everything was smooth. The results were amazing, every photo I asked for and more was taken."


In More Than A Few Words

I was raised for the majority of my life in North Texas, where, as a junior in high school, a photojournalism class taught me basic photography skills that grew my enjoyment and appreciation, enough to lead me to yearbook staff and a continued hobby after graduation. It wasn't until a few years after high school that I decided to head towards a professional level. During 2013-2014 I did all sorts of practice sessions with friends and cautiously dipped my toes into the industry by shooting my first two weddings the summer of 2014. In 2015, I stepped out of my previous profession as a commercial and fashion model and began photographing primarily couples and weddings full time. My experience in front of the camera and in the fashion industry has truly informed and supported my attention to detail and how I direct my clients in movement and posing. Over the last 7 years, and the 90+ weddings later, my services expanded to include lifestyle newborn and families along side weddings and couples. 

Now that I'm a mom, spending time with my family has become something I treasure the most. Our time is often spent at home with our crazy two year old,  eating breakfast at our favorite local breakfast spot, or exploring new coffee shops together. We travel as much as life allows and have an ever growing list of bucket list destinations we hope to see some day. 

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