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The first time I heard of Darian was when Rowdy and I first started dating. He had gone to his cousins high school graduation where a bunch of family members were together. He was listing names of everyone who was there with him when he names Darian, who I though was his uncle or something. WRONGGGG lol. She has been a close family friend for many years, come to find out, but ever since we’ve jokingly referred to her as uncle Darian.

Fast forward, Darian meets Justin. Justin proposes. Darian tells us she wants us to shoot their wedding. Cue me being excited because FINALLY I was getting to meet her and get to know her.

Although quite toasty at a good 110ish degrees, their day was so beautiful. Darian and Justin said their vows, shared laughs with those they love most, heard words of congratulations and love from their dearest friends, partied hard, and left their wedding day behind in an old, super cool classic car that I totally wish I knew the name of. We may have left prettttyy worn out and ordered room service at 1am, BUT we definitely left that evening with hearts full of joy for the new Veenendaal’s. Take a look at their day below :)