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Rowdy and I have been blessed to have the opportunity shoot the weddings of our long time friends and neighbors recently. Four weddings this year, to be exact. And it's pretty amazing. Dayton Elsey is one of those friends, and he and Rowdy grew up being inseparable. So many of the stories I've heard of Rowdy's childhood contain Dayton and the rest of the Elsey family, so it was a complete honor to photograph their wedding.

Seeing Dayton and Angela together all day was so fun. They're the type of couple that just makes sense when you're around them. They're fun and goofy, and SO FIT. Like, #goals for real. (Check out their CrossFit gym in Sanger!) Their easygoing-ness, flexibility, and thoughtfulness for others made working with them an absolute breeze. And by the way their friends and family spoke of them throughout the day, I know that these attributes are constant in their lives.

Following their ceremony, Dayton and Angela took a moment to recite their vows to one another privately. They said a few traditional vows during the ceremony, but the ones they wrote themselves will always be words exchanged between just the two of them. I'm not sure it can get more romantic than that, y'all.

To the Elsey and Durbin families, thank YOU for being so encouraging, giving out constant thanks, and being so kind and helpful all day long. First place trophy to y'all!

To Dayton and Angela, congratulations again :) We are so honored to have been apart of such a big day in such a personal way. Cheers!

Caterer: Rusty Taco

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