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I'm going to start this with how Chris proposed, because I feel like it's the best thing ever. It was during a Christmas party. Addison may or may not have been dressed up in a santa suit onesie. Awesome, right? Her friends distracted her in another room while everyone got in position, and as she opened the door it dawned her what was going down. It was pretty dang funny, but for as funny as it situation was, it was even more sweet. By the reactions of their friends and family around them you could tell that this had been a moment many of them had been extremely excited for. Through tears of joy, surrounded by their family and friends, in all her onsie goodness, Addison said yes to her best friend.

I looooove this session. They were so effortlessly affectionate, fun, and down for whatever, which was awesome because I totally made them frolic and skip around a bit (totally Chris' favorite... not lol... but they laughed and looked cute doing it so I WIN!) and walk through water and all sorts of stuff that made for some of my favorite photos ever. Take a scroll and see for yourself :) Can't wait for their November nuptials!

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