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Ya wanna know whats funny? Maybe it's funny, I don't know, but my favorite images from this session are the ones where sweet little Quaid is crying and fussing. Yep. Don't get me all wrong, I don't think it's cute when a baby is sad, it's the moments of Beth and AJ comforting him and soothing him that I love so much. The natural-ness of how they sit and stand and care for their son is what make me like those images just a little bit more.

The more I do these sessions, the more I want to allow things to unfold as they do. It's easy to go into any session with a list of photos and poses and blah blah blah, which isn't a bad thing, really, to have inspiration ready before you begin shooting. But I'm just finding that the more myself or my clients attempt to force a moment or make their environment something that it's simply not, the less unique the session feels. The posed cute and sweet images that are nice and all end up being most of a gallery, and that can feel... inauthentic... when it's the only thing we see. So never apologize to me if your child or children are being "crazy" or "difficult" or whatever other way babies and kiddos can inspire us to feel towards them. They might be creating a path to a better, more personal session; one where when you look back on these images can see YOUR family captured there.


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