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Seriously, I'll never get tired of seeing old friends of mine in love. Like I've mentioned previously, we get to work with a lot of friends this year and Erin is one of them! We spent a good portion of our senior year of high school hanging out and around the same group of people, so it's such an honor to not only meet the man she's going to marry but to do their engagement session!

It came as no surprise to me that these guys would be laid back and easy to photograph. They giggled freely with one another, which I LOVE, and we got to catch up on life a bit as we went. I got to learn about their love story, how they knew super soon that they were meant for each other. Their delight in one another was obvious and easy and I can't wait to see them married this time next year!

Cheers to Erin + Jack!

And yes, the collective 50+ mosquito bites Erin and I accumulated together were totally worth it. Somehow Jack received 0.

Lesson: When in doubt, spray every inch of yourself with bug spray while outside this summer!

PS. Bonus photos of Erin and I in high school and beyond at the bottom of this post. Yikes lol.

Aaaaaaand as promised.....

Maybe I'll regret this.

High School Graduation, Erin far right, me in the middle.

Rascal Flatts concert? Lol I don't even know. Me on the left, Erin in the middle. And fun fact, Caroline there on the right is now also a past client of mine! :)

Some day long concert seeing some of our favorite bands. Apparently at this point we had been there forrrrr a whiiiiilllle.

Visiting Erin at school in Commerce. Lol, gooooodneesss.



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