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I’m pretty sure before Kari ever got pregnant she told me I would be doing their newborn session. And you best bet I was all about it. I met in Kari and Jim in 2011 and hung around the same friend group for quite some time. This was before I was doing photography as more than just a once a while hobby and before Kari had never became an event coordinator/planner/design genius wonder woman. Kari coordinated the second wedding I ever photographed, when we were both pretty new to this whole wedding business, and these guys also let me practice doing a couples session on them when they first bought their house around their first wedding anniversary, this same house that now holds this new little life. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of photographing her and her in-laws, working with her on a few more weddings, and a styled shoot, WHICH got featured on Wedding Chicks last year ;D (HEYOO, humble brag). It’s been such a cool thing being able to grow with her in this industry, watch her marriage flourish, and her family grow. 

Darcy Wren, you are one loved little nugget. Get ready to hear your mommas infectious laugh and your daddy’s goofy, but actually pretty genius, invention and business ideas for years to come. If you get the best of both of these knuckleheads, you’ll have an unmatched strength of will, an undoubtable sweetness, a massive servants heart, a sense of humor that attracts the best kinds of people, and a love for others that truly resembles that of Christ’s. Blessed you are, little thing. And, dang, way too stinkin’ cute.


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