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The first time I saw Hannah I was seven years old and she was about five or so, and my family had just moved in next door to her and her family. We grew up playing together every so often, riding bikes or playing baseball in the yard or basketball in the driveway. We were simply next door neighbors, linked by the street name we put down when we wrote out our address, but a few years ago something else linked us. Something eternal.

I came to know the Lord. Hannah noticed, of course, and my neighbor became my sister, bonded together forever under Christ. And now I have the honor of seeing her in love, a fiance to a man who loves Jesus, who makes her laugh... A LOT... who was patient and waited for her before making her his. And it is such a blessing.

Y'all. I haven't laughed so much during a session before in my life. Hannah and Jackson are funny, quick witted, and just straight up goofy. And even through the multiple strong gusts of wind that we had this day, they never became frustrated and their spirits never faltered. With those attitudes, and with their eyes ever on Christ, I know their marriage will be full of joy.

Come July these two become Mr. + Mrs. and to say I'm excited is an understatement. It will be a worshipful and God honoring and just *sigh* omgsh, can you just picture Hannah as a bride and Jackson all suited up?! Stunning. Can't wait.

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