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If you're reading this that means NYOMI IS A MARRIED LADY and can finally share these! I've been dying to since November! This windy, Thursday in Houston was so much fun. After Nyomi picked me up at the airport we went to her apartment where her parents were waiting and we got to chat while she got her hair and make up done. I got to know a bit about them and their family, and her dad's travels when he was younger. It's rare that I get the opportunity to talk to the parents of brides and grooms much, so getting to hangout with them for a bit was a treat.

We had initially planned on shooting at McGovern Centennial Gardens, but apparently you have to have a permit to do so (Which neither of us knew, even after we both had looked through the website. Turns out its posted under the FAQs and outside the gate, but whatever. Lesson learned!) so we ended up venturing around Hermann Park which is basically surrounding the gardens. Luckily, due to Nymoi being awesome at going with the flow and it being absolutely beautiful over there, we did just fine :).

This was the first time I had the chance to really get to know Nymoi. I've known Jacob for years (her now husband) because his sister and I were basically inseparable growing up, but getting some one on one time with her was such a blessing. She's funny, thoughtful, smart, and beautiful, so basically Jacob married up ;) Ha, just kiddin'.

Well, I never really know how to wrap up these posts, so, here ya go!

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