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Hi, Howdy, Hello!

My name is Tricia Bridges, and I'm photographer based in the DFW area. I can't wait to talk with you, hear all your hopes and plans, and get to know a little bit about you both. Before we move forward, here's what to know about me!

  • I have 9 years of wedding experience, and have had the honor to photograph the weddings of 80-something couples, as well as be an associate shooter and second shooter on countless occasions. TLDR: I have a lot of experience around photographing weddings.

  • Before I was a photographer, I was a professional model. I signed with a local Dallas agency when I was 16, as well as boutique agencies in San Francisco, New York City and Japan a few years later. Some of the most notable clients I worked with over those 7 years were JCPenney, Dillards, Ariat,  D Weddings, Galleria Dallas, Dodge, Mockingbird Station, Palm Beach Tan, and appearances in Women's Health and Men's Fitness.  I carry the knowledge from those years in the fashion industry with me, and use those experiences to help inform the ways I direct and pose my clients.

  • I want to know what's important to you. Traditional western weddings (which are what I'm most familiar with, but would LOVE to learn about your specific culture!) usually have a lot in common, and generally tend to function similarly. But the main difference between each event is YOU! What you want to take with you after your wedding is over might not really be the same as the next couple, and I want to know what it is! You should walk alway with not only beautiful photos, but ones that are unique to you, and full of moments you'll treasure.

  • I believe in photo timelines and lists...kind of. Timelines are important to help make sure what's important to you gets the attention it deserves. Of course, flexibility is KEY to every wedding day, but without some guidelines for everyone, it's a challenge to provide you with a top notch experience.  Photo lists I hold pretty loosely, but more on that below...

  • Calm, collaborative, and commanding.  Plus friendly, fun, hype woman, and a bit of silliness thrown in there, is what kind of attitude you can expect from me. I'm not one to exude stress, jump to conclusions, or get defensive. I prefer to work with other vendors and creatives you've hired and be mindful of who they are and what their job is. I'm also not afraid to take charge!  A photographer dictates much of the timeline of the day, so commanding groups of people to make sure we have time for all the photos and things that are important to you, and keep everyone on time, is essential.




I send over the pricing guide.

When you're ready to book, the contract and retainer are sent, signed, and paid!

Four weeks out, I send over a wedding day questionnaire for you to fill out that helps put together the final details.

We schedule a FaceTime or phone call to discuss hopes, expectations, & packages.

We plan any sessions booked with your pacakge.

1-2 weeks out, final phone call to solidify timeline, details and photo requests.




These are the typical photos one tends to expect to see in a wedding gallery, and what I will very likely include in yours, should they apply. This is just the tip of the iceberg, of course, as there will be SO many more moments and personal details to your day to capture. If there are any photos you're thinking are usually standard but you don't see here, please ask me about them!

details + decor


Brides shoes + jewelry

Invitation/invitation suite

Bride bouquet + Groom boutonnière 

Bride's dress

Ceremony + Reception decor- venue, floral, cake, tables, signs, etc.

getting ready

Bride getting hair and/or makeup done

Bride with bridesmaids in pjs/robes

Bride putting on dress

Bride putting on accessories/shoes

Groom putting on tie/jacket

Candids of wedding party/parents

family formals

wedding party

Bride with all bridesmaids

Bride with each bridesmaid

Groom with all groomsmen

Groom with each groomsmen

Bride and groom with entire party

Formal and fun photos of each

This part of the day is where I require a photo list from you! I will likely snag photos of you and a parent or sibling throughout the day, but when I send the questionnaire over to you, there will be a space for your family photo combinations. I won't pretend to understand your family dynamic, or which combinations are most important to you. I will arrive on the day of the wedding with this list, and will read off of it when it comes time for these photos to happen.


Bridal party entry/walking down aisle

Bride walking down aisle

Groom's reaction



First kiss

Couple walking down aisle together

Wedding party walking down aisle

bride + groom

Just bride

Just groom

Formal, smiling at the camera

Walking toward and away from me

Variety of romantic, sweet, and silly

Variety of close up, mid crop, and far away

*I don't go in with a list of exact poses or prompts. Several factors go into directing couples during portraits, but you'll receive a variety! 


Wedding party entrance

Bride + groom entrance

First dance, parent dances

Toasts + speeches

Guest candids

Cake cutting

Bouquet/garter tosses

Dancing + party 

Private last dance + grand exit



These options can be customized to serve you as needed. See the A La Carte section below to add coverage hours, sessions, or a second photographer to any of these listed below, or feel free to ask me about a custom quote.



engagement session..........


Not only are engagement session photos great for documenting your newly engaged selves or for a save the date, but it allows us to get comfortable and familiar with each other in front of the camera before the wedding day.

coverage hour..........


Build on a package by adding a coverage hour. Any coverage over 10 hours is $325/hr

bridal session..........

In addition to photos of you looking stunning, this is a great trial run for your bridal look and a way to get comfortable in and moving around in your dress.


after session..........

Get in your dress and suit and hop in front of the camera after the craziness of the wedding day for some more photos of just you and your brand new spouse.


wooden usb flash drive..........

Keep your photos safe with a wooden, keepsake flash drive, mailed to you, containing the edited, hi-resolution images from your wedding day and any sessions booked with your package.


A La Carte


frequently asked questions

Q: How many photos will I get from my wedding/session?

Every wedding and session is unique, therefore I do not put a limit on or guarantee a set amount of images that will be in your final gallery. However, you could expect 700-1000 for weddings and 170-200 for sessions. 

Q: I'm dying over here! When can I see my photos?!

Though my contract states that I have 90 days for weddings and 30 days for sessions, its more like 6-8 weeks for weddings and 2-3 weeks for sessions, depending on if it's during a busy season such as Spring and Fall. I do, however, share sneak peeks and previews within a few days/a week after your session/wedding while you wait for your finals!

Q: What is the online gallery, exactly?

All the high resolution, edited photos from sessions and the wedding will be delivered in an online gallery, accessible by a URL link that I send to you via email once images are completed. There is no additional charge to download the images in the gallery, and the link can be shared to whoever you wish. It also doesn't expire for 10 years! Prints are easily ordered through this gallery as well.

Q: My fiance/ I am super awkward in front of the camera. Can you help?

No worries, my friend. Everyone thinks they're awkward, but I got you! I tend to focus more on natural interaction and movement rather than precise posing. I'll cater to any insecurities you may share with me, direct you in ways that flatter you, and encourage silliness and stillness alike. In no time, I find my couples fall into a great rhythm with one another, and what once felt awkward feels right! 

Q: What kind of lighting do you use when you shoot?

All natur-al, 90% of the time. The only times I bring out my flash is during the reception or when it's dark and the light available is less than desirable. I LOVE natural light, especially golden hour light. Working with flash isn't a problem and is pretty much expected for the reception, but for my particular photographic style, natural and ambient light is my go to. 

Q: That whole timeline thing... I'm not really sure how that works. Can you help?

Absolutely! I prefer to have a large hand in the photo timeline of the day. We will discuss hopes, expectations, and other plans you have for your day, and from there I will put together a timeline that we will review together, and adjust or add anything that is needed.

Q: Who is your second photographer?

Most likely another local photographer will accompany me. I have a few go-to, awesome professional photographers I can ask who are in the area that I trust and love to work with.

Q: I'm not getting married in DFW... Will you travel for my session and/or wedding?

Absolutely! We would love to come to your neck of the woods! I do have travel fees but I would love to explain those to you further.

Q: Do you have back up gear/memory cards?

Oh, yes! I have a back up camera body and multiple lenses, several batteries, and three flashes. My cameras have dual card slots that allow me to record two sets of images on two different memory cards at the same time. So if a card ends up corrupting or somehow breaking, I have a whole set of copies. Your images are uploaded to two hard drives- one that I work off of and the other for backup. 

Q: What do you require for us to book you?

To officially book and get your date on the calendar, I require a signed contract and a retainer of 30% of the total fee. Until the contract is signed and the retainer is paid, your date may still be up for grabs.

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