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Let me tell you about Megan and Kevin and their wedding here at Cross Creek Ranch. I appreciate them, like so much. Their wedding was a bit breezy, and a bit cold for a March day in Texas, but not ONCE did I hear a complaint from either of them all day. I mean, even I expressed my discomfort in the cold wind and I wasn’t even wearing a strapless dress and heels!

Their willingness to get things done and done well, without complaint, AND their desire for playfulness and adventure made working with them and hanging out with them throughout engagements, bridals (which were also rainy and cold and Megan was a major trooper through) and their wedding day so wonderful. They’re good people with good attitudes and I have faith that these traits will allow their marriage to flourish. Through whatever they're faced with they will tackle head on, without allowing the situation to defeat them, and I love that. Not to mention the powerhouse of family and friends they have standing behind them. They’re totally set.

Regardless of some wind and chill, the day was beautiful and I know they had a blast. The ceremony space with an arbor draped in vines and greenery and floral… liiiiiike okaayyyyyyy <3 And their stinkin’ flower girls and ring bearers?! SO CUTE. Some of the cutest I’ve seen. I could have probably taken just as many of those kiddos as I did Megan and Kevin lol.

To see those precious kids, lots of laughs, a little romance and some butt grabbin’ keep on scrolling! And check out the awesome list of talented vendors at the end that helped it all come together!