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It was a beautiful April Saturday when Wade and Patricia said “I Do” at the picturesque Bellavita Farms in Collinsville. *Cue the sound of horses galloping in the pasture behind the ceremony site* because that happened a few times throughout the day, and it was heavenly.

I’ve known Wade since 2013, I believe, when we ended up apart of the same small group at church, so I was so excited for him when he said he had met Patricia! She was living in California at the time with her two twin boys, so their relationship was long distance at first. After some time she ended up moving to Texas and joining our small group after they got engaged, and I got to see the ways Wade naturally just love on her and her boys. It made my heart so happy to witness, and I got to become closer to her, which has been such a gift. I was so honored when they asked me and Rowdy to shoot their wedding day, and was so excited to get a front row seat of all the beautiful moments that would unfold throughout the day.

Like I mentioned, it was a gorgeous spring day on their wedding day, and everything went so smoothly. I loved that Patricia’s sons were the ones to walk her down the aisle and give her away, and that we got the opportunity to do portraits with a beautiful horse from the property. I could have spent so, SO much time photographing them during sunset portraits but, you know, the sun goes down at some point. AND not to mention couples usually actually like to interact with their guests as well, so, theres that lol. All that to say, I couldn’t have asked for the day to go better or smoother, and I hope that they had a blast!


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