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It was Rowdy’s birthday the day we shot this gorgeous wedding at Tuscany Hill, mine being the following day. But, because Andrus had been such a bomb bridesmaid and friend to a previous bride of mine, photographing her wedding was a serious priority. Knowing it was our birthday, Andrus and Alex gifted us a gift card to George Coffee + Provisons ( if you haven’t been to th Coppell coffee shop, GO ASAP ) and wrote us the sweetest card of celebration and thanks. But thats just who this couple is. Andrus and Alex are so kind and thoughtful, and some of the best speech givers EVER. Throughout their wedding day, upon hearing their vows to one another, thanking and praising their family at the reception, their words reflect so well what is in their hearts. The Bible speaks of only speaking what is beneficial and for the building up of the saints, and this they do so, so well. They’re affectionate, romantic, and every aspect of their day reflected that about them.

I tend to not have favorite moments of weddings days be during the reception, just because the beginning of the day and the ceremony just hold so much weight in my heart, but oh my goodnesssssssssss. Alex’s nephews and his brother serenaded them after dinner and speeches and it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. His brother sang and the boys strummed along with the pre recorded music on their little guitars, and it was so good! Like, not just like, oh this is cute, kind of good, but this is actually super entertaining and so well done! It was one of my favorite things ever and I hope its a moment Alex and Andrus treasure in their hearts.

To the Lopez’s, I hope, as your vows and letters to one another promised, that you truly help and spur one another on to look more like Christ. May your marriage be full of all blessings and goodness.