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If anything could sum up this wedding it would absolutely be the praise hands emoji. No doubt. From beginning to end, this couple and their family and friends trusted, worshiped and delighted in all that The Lord made that day.

The one and only Kat Malone (she’s super rad) made the road trip down to Magnolia, Texas with me to be my second shooter for the weekend, where initially rain was in the forecast. Upon our arrival on the wedding day I asked Marlena how she was feeling. Most brides share that they’re at least a little anxious about the possibility of their ceremony being rained out but not Marlena. There was only a peace that comes from the Lord reigning in her heart, and joy for what she was about to enter into. It was so encouraging and entirely impressive to see her trust in The Lord.

As you’ll see, the sun came OUT. It shown through the trees as they promised for better or worse to one another. They absolutely KILLED IT while we did their portraits and made their love look so fun. But, my favorite moment of the entire day was when their friends led everyone in worship during the reception. I would be lying if I said I held it together entirely. I worshipped with them as I worked and watched tears stream down Marlena and Allen’s faces as they sang out in thankfulness that God is GOOOD and that they were finally married. Finally one. Being in the presence and worshipping with not just clients, but fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, blessed my heart something fierce.