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Fun story, guys. The first time I met Kyle was the day a group of friends and I left for Durango, CO for spring break. Originally another person was supposed to be going with us but had to bail last minute, so one of the guys going on the trip asked Kyle, who was just a guy he knew from one of his classes, if he wanted to go with us. Kyle was down, so he showed up, met us all, drove 12 hours and spent a week with a bunch of strangers. WHO DOES THAT! Lol. Good thing he's a good dude with a great sense of humor, cause, totally honest, we were a goofy bunch!

Of course Kyle became a friend after that and hung around our group multiple times following that trip. I was so excited to hear from him after he got engaged to Madeline, and even more excited she was so excited about working with me!

And y'all, I love Madeline. We had talked over the phone but I met her the for the first time upon arriving to their session. Just like Kyle, upon meeting her it feels as if you've known them so much longer. Towards the end of their session the clouds rolled in, thunder began to roll, and these two slow danced and to the sounds of the approaching storm.(Which ended up being a DOOZY. Hail and even tornados in Denton that night!) I can hardly wait till their wedding here at this GORGEOUS venue in November!


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