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Photographer’s are apparently supposed to love overcast weather, and while clouds have their place and purpose and can really help create soft, even light during an early outdoor wedding, it never compares to glowing, golden sunshine. It’s just my jaaaaam. I love it. It adds an element to images that speaks to my soul, so when a couple who is as cute and giggly as Jordan and Nolan get in font of my camera during a gorgeous golden hour, I’m over the moon.

Fun fact: Upon meeting these two over coffee for our first consultation, we found out that Nolan and I went to the same elementary school when I first moved to Texas. I was only there for about a year, but we were in the same grade! I have a yearbook from that year somewhere, so I definitely gotta find that bad boy and find little first/second grade Nolan lol. I love small world type instances like that. I like to think it means I was meant to be their photographer ;)

We spent an afternoon one Sunday in December frolicking around a sliver of beautiful property owned by Jordan’s family in the middle of a nice residential area in Colleyville. Their super cute black lab Otto, who I obviously became besties with, joined us for a few and almost stole the show. Just almost, though, because, I mean, look at these two! I can’t wait for their Ashton Depot wedding in Ft. Worth come September!


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