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Up in the little mountains, just up and away from the center of Crested Butte, Colorado, is a little mountain lake called Lake Erwin- and it's pretty stunning. Annie and Cameron opted out of an engagement session here in Texas, and decided instead that we would plan on doing pictures somewhere beautiful and scenic the day Rowdy and I arrived into town for the wedding weekend. I think it was WELL worth it, even though I went a bit too quickly to a higher elevation and FELT IT by the end of the session. I'd do it again in a heartbeat lol.

Any time I travel for a destination wedding I like to explore the idea of doing a separate session either before or after the wedding day- whether that's more engagement session style like this one or whether it's the couple getting dressed up again the following day OR, even doing their first look the day before the wedding! Unconventional, I know, but who cares?! You get SO MANY MORE pictures in a variety of places in your wedding clothes- which you most likely paid good money for, amirite?! Sometimes wedding days just simply don't allow time to travel to locations other than immediately near by the ceremony space or getting ready spaces, so being able to plan a session in another spot, where we can spend much more time taking fun pictures of the bride and groom in the town/place they've chosen to get married is a good way to take full advantage of the time we're there AND the travel the couple has paid for me to be there. Win win, yeah?

I'm thankful for these two, that they were so excited to take these pictures and that I'm getting to now share them. I'm also thankful that since we couldn't scout out locations ourselves beforehand that they were able to put that on their to-do list on such an already packed several days and that the weather cooperated so well. Notice the little flurries and the incoming storm as the session progresses! More Colorado weddings with people as amazing as Annie and Cameron, please!


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