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Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Zion National Park. Is there much more I need to say here?

Last year, Rowdy, Jonathan, Hannah and I drove from good ol' Denton, made stops in Monument Valley and Page, Arizona, then ended up in Zion as a part of a joint anniversary celebration trip. Our anniversaries are a couple weeks apart so we decided to split costs and go an adventure together. And oh man, that is was.

When two professional photographers and their husbands are in a spectacular location, you DEFINITELY plan a session. This spot was super easy to get to, as we had done a little hiking earlier in the day and Hannah feeling' a little rough due to coming down with something right before we left, so we kept it quick. But dang, girl is a TROUPER! I've never seen someone look so awesome while coughing her lungs up. PS. Credit to the Rowdy on some one these images, I'm pretty sure he took a few of them, but I just can't remember which ones....

My high school photojournalism teacher taught us that a good photographer can take a good photograph with any camera, in any place. And I totally believe that. Incredibly breathtaking locations are scarce in North Texas...and yes, yes, Texas skies are the biggest and possess a beauty all their own, but that often times makes choosing locations for sessions a little tricky. I consider and suggest locations in the metroplex to my couples because there's a way I operate with light that creates a softer mood that I generally prefer to display in their images, so coming into a beautiful national park where stunning views and beautiful light are pretty much everywhere was like, kind of overwhelming.

But freeing. I could place these guys anywhere, because anywhere was magical.

Photographing in love couples, though... that's also magic. Anywhere, any time. I wouldn't keep doing this job here in this flat place if I didn't think the people weren't enough. The people is what it's all about. It takes a couple who just really cherish each other, who respect and delight in one another, for me to feel inspired, and I hope that is what reads more loudly than something that's just plain pretty.

To the Higgins, I love you guys. You've been awesome friends and travel buds. Hannah, our relationship has grown from a professional one to one I truly cherish. I'm thankful for your constant encouragement in my life and business and for your fun and excitable nature that consistently lightens my mood. Jonathan, thanks for always being down for adventure and tacos. You guys are solid friends. We love y'all.

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