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So often us photographers can get caught up in super grand weddings with custom paper goods, oodles of floral (for which I'm totally a sucker for), designer dresses, magazine worthy tablescapes, and the overall aesthetic far more than we get caught up in the couple. And all those things, they're GOOD things! They can reveal so much personality about a couple, are so much fun and display some true artistry from designers, but as a photographer, it shouldn't be my driving factor to get excited about a wedding. I think being a photographer is the most unique of the wedding vendors because of how much interaction we have with the couple and the overall nature of the service we provide. It's more than just providing pictures. We direct couples all day long, their interactions, often times their kisses and their hugs, and even their laughter. Each time it's unique, and you literally can't treat every couple exactly the same because doing so would be a disservice to who they are and wholly impersonal. Every couple is different, in the way the interact, the way they show affection, how they fit together, their heights, their stories, their boundaries, what images are most important to them.... everything is unique to each one. Knowing this, how can I get so caught up in the things rather than people?

Blair and Joey are unique. They are eternal souls who are worthy to be known, loved, and celebrated. And their day was uniquely beautiful to them, to who they are. They had personal touches everywhere, traded meaningful gifts representing their wedding day, chose details that were both classic, like the pearls that donned Blair's neck and wrist, and edgy, like the gold spike tipped shoes Joey wore and their totally blacked out wedding party. It was such a perfect example that you can do what YOU want, not what is "expected" or what you think is "traditional", and it still look killer.

I left this wedding day actually a little sad. Knowing there were now not any times planned that I would be seeing them again is a big ol bummer! When you leave a wedding day feeling like you're saying bye to friends, you know it's a solid one.

Mr. + Mrs. Kincaid, I hope you're marriage is as unique, fun, and full of support from the people who love you, just like this day was. I've loved every minute of working with you.

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