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Updated: Jul 12, 2023

On an incredibly gorgeous day in Crested Butte, CO, Annie and Cameron got married in a mountain valley surrounded by aspen trees and loved ones. And Rowdy and I had the honor or photographing it. That still blows my mind.

The entire wedding day was evidence to their desires to point others to Christ, their love for the outdoors, and their love of community and good food. From serving communion to all their guests and wedding party who wished to partake, to a family style dinner of pizza (which Rowdy was far too pumped for), to making and eating smores in lieu of a wedding cake, it was thoughtful, fun, and unique to them.

Rowdy has known Annie for quite some time now, through mutual friends at church, but I came to know her when we were in the same home group (aka- community group, small group) for a season. We were able to share in some big changes and moves in her life and witness her navigate them with grace, honesty, and trust in the Lord, which showed much than I know she feels like it did lol. So to be invited to not only witness but to participate and provide something significant for her during this part of her life was such a privilege. Annie, from the moment I met her, was incredibly inclusive. She's a servant hearted planner, a gatherer of people, and treats you like her dearest friend regardless of how long you've known her or how long it's been since you've seen her. It's in those things that I see Jesus shining so brightly through her.

We only met Cameron about a week before the wedding when us four met and discussed logistics and timeline stuff over coffee, but throughout the wedding weekend, the layers of his personality began to peel back. From the engagement session the first evening in town, to the group hike the following morning, then throughout the wedding day, I saw so many reasons why Annie was like, YEP THIS GUY IS IT. He's got an adventurous spirit, a goofy sense of humor, a tender heart for the people he loves most in his life, and wicked awesome dance moves lol. He adores her without reserve and for that I am so, so thankful.

We had a blast on this adventure with these two. Getting to do what we love FOR people we love, and then just as a bonus in a beautiful place like Colorado, it's just such a gift. I hope and pray these images and the memories of this weekend remind Annie and Cameron of the faithfulness of God, His love for them, His desire for their marriage to flourish, and that He made no mistake in putting them in front of each other on that dating app... as well as reminders of His grace in second chances when someone swipes left... Talk about divine intervention lol.

Cheers to Mr. and Mrs. Martin! We love y'all!


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