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GOOOOOD.NESSSSSS. That pretty much sums up how I feel about this session with Natalie and Nate. These two are both teachers who ended up falling in love walking the same hallways of the school they work at. He proposed in Colorado, in the freezing cold, on top of a sonic overlook. With an adventurous spirit like that I knew Turner Falls would be perfect for them.

In those cute heels you see her wearing below, we trekked through the rocky trails and fields of cacti (sans heels at this point) to see beautiful views from the top of the falls and the rolling hills of southern Oklahoma. And holy moly, how effortlessly cute they were with each other. Rowdy and I had a blast with them, hearing how they met, how he proposed, that Nate has more shoes than her, and all things in between.

It was a session I walked away from feeling filled up. Creatively and emotionally. To the moments that lingered after every kiss, to best friends simply just laughing together, to them looking STUNNING in the fading sunlight on top of a gorgeous hill, I just became so thankful and excited about what I do and that I get to meet people like them and witness loves like theirs so often. I really can't ask for more.

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