Sweet little Marco was two months old when Anita and David welcomed me into their home for this session back in March, and it was so fun! Those squishy newborns are amazing, but these photos prove that doing an in home sesh is a good idea at any time.

I loved getting to photograph and get to know these guys a little throughout the shoot. They were so kind and easy to talk with, and it was obvious how much they cared about these images and making the most out of our time together. These two are completely and wholly enamored with their first born, and showed constant affection and tenderness toward him. I'm not sure any picture could ever truly do that kind of love justice. It's one you have to witness first hand, one that you have to be in the room with to feel entirely.

Anita's older sister is the owner and designer of A Girl and A Serious Dream, which is like the most romantic and ethereal bridal boudoir, robes, and accessories line, and this beautiful white robe that Anita is wearing is one from her collection. Both her older and younger sister were in town this day and were incredible helpers throughout the session (a few pictures of just how sweet they are at the end!) and helped keep Marco smiling. I can't thank them enough! I think they're just almost as obsessed with Marco and Anita and David are!

I hate that it's taken me as long as it has to blog this session, but I couldn't not share them with the world! Enjoy!

And of COURSE we can't forget about the sweetest sisters ever!

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