What a beautifully simple and refreshing day this was. I mentioned briefly on their engagements blog post that Brittany, Micheal and I go wayyyy back to elementary school. I just keep thinking back to Brittany and I as kids in 5th grade choir together, so seeing her in such a stunning dress, as a real live bride, was really kind of surreal. These two smiled and laughed so easily together all day, making their love, even though it’s been flourishing and developing for a while now, look easy and new.

As always, the Grove in Aubrey was truly the best setting for their day, with all the naturally lit indoor spaces and the grove speckled with trees that gave the perfect mount of shade and aesthetic. Surrounded by some of their closest friends and their family members, they said I do and danced the night away. I’m so honored to have been there to capture it all, and hope these first few months of marriage have been nothing short of wonderful.