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I first met Bridget through a mutual friend while she was in college at Texas A&M, like almost 8 years ago now... woah. We were both young and silly and single, and had no idea what wonderful futures we had ahead of us. After meeting with her again years later and talking about her meeting and falling for Connor, how excited she was to be his wife, and their hopes for their wedding day to reflect Christ's love for the Church, I knew why The Lord had put her in my path those years ago. The way her and Connor are together, so goofy but totally enamored by one another, and by the ways they praise God and showed constant kindness towards me has been nothing short of a serious blessing. I've loved getting to know them as a couple and witness their goofy, sweet love unfold.

Originally Rowdy was supposed to shoot with me, but a day before the wedding he got sick :( While I was bummed he didn't get the opportunity to know these guys and be with me, I was able to snag an amazing second last minute, Rebecca Langford, who ROCKED IT all day long. I am super thankful for her and she totally came in clutch. Other than that, their wedding day went soo smoothly. They were on time, their family was awesome, and their guests were a ton of fun.

The ceremony was filled with joy and as the sun lowered behind the brick walls they said their vows and committed their lives to one another. Right after Connor kissed his bride we were able to sneak out and catch those last golden rays of sunlight where we captured some sweet, romantic moments. They did all the rest of their pictures beforehand- their first look, all the wedding party and family pictures- which made these sunset portraits possible and allowed them to go into their reception super soon following the ceremony. It was basically perfection.

Mr. and Mrs. Myers, thank you for allowing me to walk with you, trusting me to document these moments for you, and treating me like royalty. You two are so fun and so obviously well loved. Being your photographer was an honor. XOXO


BRIDES DRESS: Blush by Haley Paige


BAND: In10city

CATERING: Babes Chicken


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