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Updated: Jul 12, 2023

January 17, 2017, this wonderful family welcomed their second child into the world and it couldn't have been more perfect timing. The Hughes lost a close family member tragically just ten days before Landon made his debut into the world. On top of what incredible and mighty things God did through the death of this young, sweet girl, he timed Landon's birth in the midst of tragedy to show His goodness even more.

My first experience with birth was during Lindsay and Brad's first child's brith in April 2013. I had never been close to a brith in any form or fashion, had never photographed anything in a hospital before, and honestly, was still figuring out the whole photography thing in general, but these amazing friends trusted me to capture this monumental moment in their lives anyway. Many things did not go as expected or as planned during labor. It was, well, an ordeal for poor Lindsay, but thankfully, via c-section, Easton was born healthy and perfect. It was surreal being in that room with them as they said hello to their first son and I may or may not have bawled following my exit of the O.R....

About 9 months ago I get a call from Lindsay asking me what I would be doing January 17th, 2017. Y'all, I cried, lol. I was so excited to hear that, one, they were pregnant again, and two, I was invited to photograph it. Still, with now two WHOLE births under my belt (SO pro) but quite a bit more photography experience, I was nervous! Birth is an entirely different ballgame, y'all. Props to all those full time birth photographers. It's the real deal.

Oh this birth. It felt like a big inhale and exhale. Just a deep breath of God's grace during a difficult season. The c-section went SO WELL. Because of the difficulties Lindsay experienced during the last birth, her and Brad were extremely nervous those things would happen again. Due to the skilled and kind staff and nurses at Harris Methodist at Alliance, everything went smoothly during surgery, and at 6:04pm, Landon was born. Delayed cord clamping gave me a few extra moments to capture his first. Covered in a thin layer of vernix, his dear old dad cut his cord through the sweetest, joy-filled tears. It was sweet. It was quick. It was covered in God's protection and grace.

The following day I came to photograph their firstborn, Easton, meeting his little brother for the first time. With careful and gentle excitement, he held Landon (aided by Lindsay, of course) and gave him the sweetest ever head kisses. It was one of those moments you know you're supposed to be quiet for as a photographer to make sure you're still just documenting what's happening but squeals of DYING OF CUTENESS may have crept up ever so slightly :)

ANYWAY, I love this family. I am thankful for the amazing ways God uses them and works through them.


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