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Through thoughtful direction, inspired by fine art and photojournalism approaches alike, I will seek to tell your story through still images. Those meaningful details and first looks, luscious florals and delicate lace, stolen glances and lingering kisses, exploding laughter and fallen tears- those are the things I live for!

And connection. It's essential. Without it, I'm just a stranger with a camera. ​So let's meet! I want to know you, hear how you met, how you fell in love, and what you hope for your future together as Mr. + Mrs. Let's work together and create the best opportunities to capture the moments that you'll remember forever.


X O X O 




10 hours of continuous wedding day coverage​

One Photographer

Two Portrait Session | Engagements, Bridals, or After-Wedding Session (after session must be used within 2 months after wedding date)

$ 4 1 1 0


9 hours of continuous wedding day coverage​

Two Photographers


One Portrait Session | Engagements, Bridals, or After-Wedding Session (after session must be used within 2 months after wedding date)

$ 3 9 0 0


8 hours of continuous wedding day coverage​

Two Photographers

$ 3 3 1 0

Included in EVERY wedding + session is printing rights and an online gallery of the high resolution, edited images, available for download.

Along with images to share with your loved ones, I provide clients with photo and timeline planning, general wedding day advice for a stress free atmosphere, and suggestions on clothing choices for sessions. Couples have enough to think about during this season of planning, and I pride myself on providing a sense of calm to couples, to where photography is one of those things that, come wedding day, is the least of their worries.

A  L A  C A R T E

Customize any package above by adding additional coverage hours, sessions, or flash drives.


$ 3 8 0



$ 1 1 0



$ 4 8 0



$ 1 1 0

F O L L O W  M E  O N  I N S T A G R A M | @ T R I C I A M A R I E B R I D G E S

F R E Q U E N T L Y  A S K E D  Q U E S T I O N S

How many photos will I get from my wedding/session?

A LOT! Because every wedding and session is unique, I do not put a limit on the amount of images I will  deliver. On average, though, I generally give between 700-1000 for weddings and 170-200 for sessions. 

I'm dying over here! When can I see my photos?!

While my contract gives me 90 days for weddings and 30 days for sessions, 4-6 weeks is usually the time it takes for me to deliver all completed images from your wedding. For sessions, usually more like 2 weeks. However, I do provide a handful of preview images the week following your wedding day to help you endure the wait for the rest!

My fiance/ I am so super awkward in front of the camera. What can we expect when you're photographing us? 

No worries, my friend. Everyone thinks they're awkward, but I got you! I tend to focus less on "poses" and more on movement, natural interaction, directing moments, and embracing one another. I encourage my couples to joke, laugh, tell stories, compliment each other, and be super silly! And at some point, or multiple points, I'll totally embarrass myself while geeking out over the fact that you look absolutely amazing! 

So, you're from DFW but my wedding is in College Station. Do you charge travel on top of the photo package fee?

Only if you choose package 03 that adds a second portrait session! Peach Creek couples get special pricing that has almost all fees associated with travel waived, so the prices you see here are it. The only time travel would be added is if you added a second photo session to a package, AND if that session was located out of the DFW area. If you wanted to travel to DFW for that session, no travel fees would be applied. PS. As long as the first session is in the general vicinity of Bryan/College Station or Waco, or somewhere of equal distance, no travel fees apply. If you have another location in mind, ask me about it!

What kind of lighting do you use when you shoot?

All natur-al, 90% of the time. The only times I bring out my flash is during the reception or when it's dark and the light available is less than desirable. I LOVE natural light, especially golden hour light. Working with flash isn't a problem and is pretty much expected for the reception, but for my particular photographic style, natural light is always best! Keep that in mind when deciding on venues and the timeline for the wedding day.

That whole timeline thing... I'm not really sure how that works. Can you help?

Yes please! I would LOVE to come up with a timeline that allows for plenty of photos and stress-free atmosphere.

Who is your second photographer?

Often times, it's my husband, Rowdy! However, he does have a separate full time job and isn't always available to shoot with me. If it's not him, it will be another trusty photographer gal (or guy!) accompanying me.

Do you have backup gear?

Oh, yes! I have a back up camera body and lens, batteries, flash, and hard drive. I also record the images from your session and wedding on TWO memory cards, AT THE SAME TIME. Yep. My camera has two card slots that allow me to record two sets of images to make sure I have back ups, just in case!

What do you require for us to book you?

To officially book and get your date on the calendar, I require a signed contract and a retainer of 30% of the total fee. Until the contract is signed and the retainer is paid, that date may still be up for grabs. 

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